KUNSTSAFARI - Art in Context

What is art? When begins art-production? Which role had artist in the society in the past? What means old, ancient? What means modern and contemporary? Why we have collections? Why we have museums?

Kunstsafari is a journey across the times, cultures and histories of Art. It is a full-immersion workshop last one year and indents to give to the participants answers to all these and further questions. It´s a series of different art-workshops coupled with visits in loco, in the Staatlichen Museen Berlin and  art collections. The participants has the chance to explore and make creative experiences in the context museum, learn about art and artists, techniques and historical creative production methods.
The Kunstafari begins with the prehistorical times and finished present, modern and contemporary art.
Art Education Project funded by the Kulturamt Neukölln and the Regenbogen-Grundschule, Berlin. 2015-16