One day Safa ask me: Silvia, you know what business is? Business is arm-wrestling!
When i moved 2009 to Berlin, the first orphan object i founded my new studio, was a dummy arm.

Behcet Safa (Istanbul, 1934) is a turkish painter based on the isle of Elba, Italy. Graduated from IDGSA (State Academy of Fine Arts Istanbul), Department of Painting in 1957. During his career as a painter and performer he lived in Paris, Rome, Isle of Elba, Istanbul and Stockholm and partecipated at numerous group and solo exhibitions in Paris, Roma, Spoleto, Vienna, Kloten, Bochum and Munich. Safa works and lives on Isle of Elba, Italy.

Exhibition, collaboration and project: Galeri Tantekin, Galeri Artist Berlin /Istanbul. Documentation and archive: Safa and Silvia Maccariello
Elba, Italy 2009.


Catalogue avaiable